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règlement jeu ATPF

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1règlement jeu ATPF Empty règlement jeu ATPF le Sam 3 Oct 2015 - 14:53


voilà l'extrait du règlement du match mensuel de l'ATPF

Pentagon roulette ranking match !
· Organizer:
ATPF headquarters
· Eligibility:
Anyone who loves airsoft shooting, who has the necessary targets and shot timer.
· Recommendation:
A recorded video of each shooter posted on Youtube. This is recommended but not compulsory.
· Purpose:
To challenge one’s shooting skills, while respecting all the other shooters worldwide!
· Contents:
Pentagon Roulette
Every month the Stop Plate moves counter-clockwise
· Speed Shoot:
After the beep the shooter must hit each one of the targets and eventually the Stop Plate.
The timer stops once the Stop Plate has been hit.
· 3 strings:
There are 3 separate strings during which the shooter must hit all 5 targets.
The score is the total time of the 3 strings.
17 shots rule: the shooter is allowed a total of 17 shots for the 3 strings (minimum 15 shots), every additional shot will give a 3 seconds penalty.
· Procedure:
1. Load and make ready: engage magazine and cock the gun.
2. Holding the gun in both hands, the shooter aims the gun at the starting point 2m from shooting position (safety off).
3. Are you ready?
4. Standby! (wait for the beep and do not move).
5. After the beep/signal, the shooter can start shooting the plates in any order but must finish with the Stop Plate. (Repeat steps 3 to 6 three times).
7. Unload (take out the magazine from the gun).
8. Show clear (make sure the gun is safe, there is no BB in the gun)
9. Hammer down (dry fire the gun to show it is safe)
10. Finish (put the gun back into the holster or gun case).
· Penalty:
1. Miss: if you shoot the Stop Plate before you have shot all other 4 targets: 3 seconds penalty.
2. Over shot: if you use over 17 BBs: 3 seconds penalty per extra shot.
3. Flying: if the shooter moves while in the standby position before the start signal: 3 seconds penalty.
· Maximum time:
For each string, the maximum time is 30 seconds. If you can’t shoot the Stop Plate the maximum time is 30 seconds.
· Disqualification:
1. Accidental discharge
2. Act of violence, verbal abuse, unsportsmanlike act, etc…
· Scoring:
The score is the total time of the 3 strings and additional penalty time.

Course of Fire
Here is a description of the course:
Targets are 5m from the shooter.
The 5 targets are 12.5 cm diameter plates.
Targets are placed at specific heights (see diagram below).
Targets are placed at 60 cm interval from each other.
The shooter waits for the beep while aiming at the start mark 2m away and in line with the middle target.
The shooter must shoot the Stop Plate last (yellow or red target).

2règlement jeu ATPF Empty Re: règlement jeu ATPF le Sam 3 Oct 2015 - 15:51


Many thanks Papy, I've understood the rules. 
Need to shoot now.
Have a good week end for you and see you.

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